Swimming Pool Services

Weekly Comprehensive Pool Service Includes:

  • Test & adjust chemicals to proper levels. Chlorine, Ph, Alkalinity, Hardness, Stabilizer,
    Phosphate & Salt for salt systems.
  • Brush tile line and floor.
  • Net / Skim pool.
  • Backwash as needed, frequency dependent on system type. We service all types of filters.
  • Equipment inspection and report of potential issues or problems.
  • We track your cartridge filter cleaning or grid wash services, making sure the proper intervals are maintained, and keeping your pool in optimal condition at all times.
  • Corrections, tweaks, and replacement of small parts as needed.
  • Parts and repairs competitively priced.

Pool Repair Services:

  • Repair of all brand pumps and cleaners.
  • Filter system replacement.
  • Salt cell replacement.
  • Plumbing: leaks, valves, additions, and deletions.

Detailed Cleaning Services:

  • Weekly Pool Service.
  • Vacation Cleanings.
  • Air B&B Service.
  • Green Pool Cleanups.
  • Cartridge Filter Cleanings.
  • DE Filter Cleanings.
  • Salt Cell Cleaning.
  • Acid Wash.
  • Chlorine Wash.
  • Pool Draining including startups.